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Hello fellow scientists (yes, we're talking to all of you!)

Welcome to Open Door Science, our passion project filled with all things from global health and diseases to today's latest science news. We wanted to create a space to share our passion for science; perhaps it will ignite your own as well and hopefully you might learn something along the way. Read on and enjoy!

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World Water Day 2021

Today, the 22nd March, is World Water Day! The aim of the annual World Water Day is to appreciate water, raise awareness of the global...

HIV/AIDS: 40 years on

TW: discussion of HIV/AIDS related death Looking back June 5th, 1981 the U.S. Centre for Disease Control (CDC) published an article...

Getting to know HIV

In light of Russell T Davies' new drama ‘It’s A Sin’, set in 1980s Britain during the HIV/AIDS crisis, and the extremely moving insight...

A Malaria Free World

Following on from our introduction to malaria, we know that malaria is one of the biggest causes of death in low income countries....

Reference Page

We are going to be covering a range of diseases, therefore we thought it would be important we have a reference page so you know some of...

Lymphatic Filariasis

Hi! This is a short piece focusing on a VERY interesting parasitic disease you may never have heard about! So, what are parasites? The...

Science and You

What springs to mind when I say the word science? If you think of test tubes and crazy male professors wearing lab coats, we want to...

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Thanks for taking a look at Open Door Science. For more information, feel free to get in touch and we will get back to you soon!

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