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We are a team of two Tropical Disease Biology postgraduates from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine with an interest (LOVE) for tropical and infectious diseases, public health and epidemiology.

We are passionate about equality in science and we want to create a space that enables everyone to have access to knowledge as it is obvious from our experience and observations that this is not currently the case. For this reason we are starting a platform in which we aim to discuss scientific content of interest and explain information in a clear, accessible way.

If you have any topics you would like us to cover, or if you questions for us to answer just pop us an email! 

Faces behind the blog...

I’m Lauren (on the left)

I am a postgraduate with a degree in Bioveterinary Science and a masters in Tropical Disease Biology!

I am passionate about accurate and accessible communication of knowledge to all. You will find me drinking coffee somewhere reading or writing. That - or i’m watching reruns of the X-files. I hate the wind, love the rain and adore the sun (NOT the paper). My interests include the impact of climate and environmental factors on disease, in addition to science communication and policy.

And I’m Aimee (the one on the right)

Originally from Blackburn, I am a 25 year-old biologist with an interest in infectious disease and global health. Lover of travelling, spending time outdoors and always up for a natter over a good brew.

I too am a recent graduate with a Biological Science degree and a masters in Tropical Disease Biology and hoping to embark in a career in teaching! We are all scientists and science is all around us in our everyday life. I’m passionate about making science available and understandable for all.

We can't wait to get sciencey with you all

Lots of love x

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